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We provide revolving credit facilities to established businesses in the real estate, energy, transportation, healthcare, media & communications, technology and many other industries.

How does a revolving credit facility differ from a term credit facility?
The outstanding loan amount with a revolver may change on a daily basis. With a term loan, the outstanding amount is fixed for a period of time, such as a month or a year. A term loan generally provides for an agreed upon payment schedule, and amounts paid on a term loan generally cannot be reborrowed. In contrast, a revolving credit facility allows the borrower to borrow, repay, and reborrow as needed over the life of the loan facility.


There are advantages to both revolving credit facilities and term credit facilities depending on the company's needs. The structure of revolvers provides a great deal of flexibility for borrowing and repayment. Most companies secure a revolver with current assets, such as receivables and inventory, and use the borrowed funds to finance working capital needs. In contrast, companies tend to secure term loans with fixed assets, such as property and equipment, and use the borrowed funds to finance longer term needs and additional capital equipment.

Our focus is on companies requiring financing in the amounts ranging from $700,000.00 to $800,000,000.00. Please call us to discuss your capital needs at 1-800-595-1474.